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Senior Insurance Utah

Medicare Insurance Solutions: For Seniors By Seniors

Final Expense Insurance is an affordable & convenient way to manage financial aspects of end of life

Final Expense Planning is an act of caring and expression of compassion for those you leave behind. There are responsibilities that result when a life ends. Final Expense Insurance can provide the safety net to take care of those unanticipated items that will allow you to tell your loved ones "It is all taken care of".

At the time of your passing, friends and family should be able to focus on remembering and celebrating the life you lived, not worrying about how to pay the funeral services. Final Expense Planning allows them the ability to mourn in a healthy, less stressful way. Those who care, prepare.

What is the difference between Pre-need and Final Expense?

Pre-Need Funeral Plans are usually purchased from a local funeral home. In most areas the contract provides for specific funeral services and merchandise ONLY at the specified funeral home.

Advantage - Pre-need plans usually provide a price guarantee for the items you select in advance. This guarantee applies only to the items pre-selected.

Disadvantage - The pre-need contract is with a specific funeral home and there may be substantial financial penalties for terminating the contract or transferring it to another funeral home. You may not have the flexibility of changing your wishes without loosing the price guarantee. Read the contract carefully.

Final Expense Plans provide insurance coverage for the estimated cost of funeral expenses. Policies provide a simple, easy way to gain peace of mind about funeral and burial costs without obligating yourself to a specific funeral home or location.

Advantage – Final expense plans are very flexible. They are payable to any beneficiary of your choice. Final expense allows a choice of funeral providers at the time of need.

Disadvantage – Funeral home costs are not locked-in which requires estimating future funeral costs.

What is the application process like for a Final Expense policy?

Usually, there is a simplified application process that uses a follow-up phone interview from the insurance company to complete the application. Coverage may be guaranteed regardless of the health issues. The application process helps determine which benefits you qualify for.

Do the premiums ever change?

No. The premiums are set at the time of underwriting and will not change. Additionally, the death benefit never decreases over the life of the policy.

Can the policy be cancelled?

No. The insurance company cannot cancel the policy except in the case of fraud or failure to pay the premium.

What can the Death Benefit from a Final Expense Insurance Policy be used for?

Decisions at the time of a loved one’s death will be some of the most difficult a family will be forced to make. Final Expense insurance proceeds can be used to pay the cost of a funeral, medical costs not covered by your health insurance, travel expenses for children to attend funeral or any other unpaid bill or tax.

Social Security only pays a death benefit of $255 to the surviving spouse or dependent child[ren] of an insured participant. Life insurance can make some hard choices easier by making funds available just when they are needed. Through thoughtful planning today, you can help relieve your loved ones of the worry of how to pay these future expenses.

Is there an age restriction on Final Expense Insurance?

Depends on the carrier. Using one of our many partners, insurance can be written for ages 0 – 85. No physical exam is required.

How much does a funeral cost?

Funeral expenses vary by region and differ in rural or urban areas. Expenses can be as low as $5,000 or more than $25,000.

Some costs associated with final expense planning include:

Funeral Service

Mortuary Service


Cemetery Plot

Gravesite Opening

Headstone and Engraving



Transportation of family members

Legal Fees, probate costs

Physician and Hospital bills

Debts outstanding, car loans, credit card balances