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Senior Insurance Utah

Medicare Insurance Solutions: For Seniors By Seniors

Side by Side Comparison of Your Medicare Options

You have a number of options:

Original Medicare VS. Medicare Advantage

1. Enroll in Medicare Part B and pay the monthly premium of $ 135.50 per month and enroll in a stand along Prescription Drug Plan. With Original Medicare, you will pay the 20% of hospital and physician not paid by Medicare. You can pay a penalty is you don't have credible coverage and don't enroll in Part B

2. Enroll in Part A and B and purchase a Medicare Supplement, which, depending upon the plan selected, will all or part of the 20% not covered by medicare. You will need a Prescription Drug Plan

3. Enroll in a "Zero" or "Low" Premium Medicare Advantage Plan. Hospital and physician care provided under a MAPD or MA plan are county based and require use of networks, which may limit access.

4. Keep your current Employer or union group policy. If you have any co-insurance, you should make a comparison of the out of pocket, benefits and coverage to determine if making a change from a retirement plan to Medicare, with associated MAPD or supplements makes sense.